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Love TrulyLove Truly is an artist who believes love is universal and touches every human being regardless of age, sex, race or gender. “The world needs more love” is a quote that Love Truly talks about on a constant basis and is always incorporating love in his musical endeavors. Born in Shreveport Louisiana and raised in Houston Texas, Love Truly is a genuine family man who loves the idea families getting closer to one another and believes that a true friend is just as strong a member of your family as your blood relations. Love Truly has been married to his wife for 25 years and says she is the inspiration behind his music and is the father of 3 children who keeps him grounded and keeps him pushing to be a better husband, father and provider.

Love Truly is a strong believer in God and says his faith makes him want to add something to the world that people can admire and love and incorporate into their daily life. Love grew up in Texas listening to the music of Billy Ocean, Jonathan Butler, Lionel Richie, Marvin Gaye, Smokey Robinson,Bob Marley,Jimmy Cliff,The Bee Gees,Christopher Cross, Steve Perry, Pattie Labelle, Hall and Oates, Air supply and many other artist who he feels “captures the true meaning of love in their music” as he has said many times on numerous interviews. Love Truly is also a man who has a genuine heart and cares about the issues of the world that stem from poverty, abuse of women and children, world hunger, childhood diseases, breast cancer and many other issues that he says he would love to bring attention to as his name and brand grows larger.

Love’s music is being loved around the world and is being played on every continent. “I want to bring the true meaning of love music back to society” is a statement that love truly says often because he feels music has been “over sexualized” in recent years and he wants it to be known to the younger generations that love is more than physical, but deals with every emotion known to man. Love Truly is thankful for the fans that he has and is excited to bring his love music to more listeners around the world and start a worldwide love movement that will join lovers around the globe.